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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  November 8, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald no gas, no nothing. >> a second storm puts sandy victims back in the dark. >> 10 days and now shoveling snow. >> this is like insult to injury. we had a hurricane and now a blizzard. >> reporter: power lines lay in the snow and weary residents struggle to stay warm. >> i have five, six different layers worth of stuff. >> nobody cares. nobody cares. >> second storm? it's just made life miserable and now people have to worry about heat and not dying and, you know, surviving. >> it's exhausting just to
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exist. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. the situation in spots of the northeast are dire. >> it is. cbs 5 has teamed up with the american red cross to raise money for the victims and help get things back to normal as soon as possible. and we have been taking your calls and donations all morning long since about 6:00 this morning and the bay area has been very generous and we're not done yet. >> roberta gonzales is in the call center. those phones keep ringing. >> reporter: i am here in the hurricane relief fund telethon. we started at 6:00 this morning. we're going strong all the way until 7 p.m. i'm going to become your very personal friend over the next several hours because i'm not going anywhere. i need your help. i need you to help people on the east coast. it's west coast joining east coast. together we can make it better for everyone because 53,000 people still cannot go home because of the wrath of superstorm sandy. also, people are still without electricity and top that off with a second storm a
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nor'easter that raced through new york and new jersey yesterday dumping record amounts of snow. emily white is here with the american red cross. >> thank you so much for helping. >> reporter: tell us how great the need is. >> it's enormous and it's growing every day. this is ramping up to be one of our largest responses in the past five years. we have tons of volunteers out there right now working with local government and partner agencies taking care of people making sure they have a warm place to be, hot meals, clean- up supplies, whatever they need to get back on their feet. >> reporter: this is catastrophic. >> it is. it's unlike anything we have seen in a long time so we expect this relief effort to go on for longer than weeks. >> reporter: besides the bay area helping today with pitching in with much-needed funds we have volunteer efforts, as well. >> we have 126 volunteers as of today that are out there dedicating their time working for a minimum of two weeks at a time helping out with the effort. it's been amazing, the response from local volunteers. >> reporter: many of these people took vacation time to do
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this. >> they did. it's hard to imagine. people are using vacation time to really do hard work. but it's meaningful and i think they are getting a lot out of it being able to help out. >> reporter: if somebody even donates $10 or as much as $500 or whatever they can, a dollar, how do we use these funds? >> every wit helps and we're seeing -- every bit helps and we're seeing small and large donations all pooled to go towards shelter relief. we have emergency response vehicles, even some from california, that are headed out there and that have been out delivering meals to the most affected areas. we have been holding warming centers and purchasing supplies to get to people what they need right away. >> reporter: i am so proud because cbs is doing a telethon like this conducting this kind of telethon throughout many cities across the united states. >> we're thrilled and so grateful to the bay area for the responding with such generosity. it's fantastic. >> reporter: i want to throw out there my own personal contribution. at this particular time i want to invite any of you that are watching out there, if you can
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donate $500 or more, i will offer you personally a tour of our cbs 5 studios for four people, not only do you get a tour but i'll take you to kcbs radio, alice radio, live 105. you get to watch a newscast. at this time we are currently up to -- really? $50,000 since 6:00 this morning! frank and michelle, we have gathered 50,000 pledges so far. these donations going directly to the american red cross, who in turn will assist people on the east coast. i thank you. but we still need your help. we are here until 7:00 tonight. >> i think you're going to be very busy, roberta. a lot of people chimed in this morning on the tour. >> i have a whole new group of friends. [ laughter ] >> ed goo. and 50,000 is great. thank you. that phone number will stay up so help if you can. rebuilding is on hold as victims of sandy dig themselves out from as much as a foot of
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snow after that nor'easter moved through overnight. this latest storm cut power to nearly 300,000 homes and businesses in the same area that were hit by the super storm. cbs reporter ines ferre is in rockaway beach, queens, with the halted recovery efforts. >> reporter: frank, michelle, many people here feel like they just can't catch a break. just as they're struggling to recover from superstorm sandy, they get slammed with another storm. snow and ice covered down trees and power lines in new york city. the nor'easter brought heavy winds, rain and snow to an area trying desperately to pick up the pieces from superstorm sandy. along the storm ravaged jersey shore, the second blast is like another punch to the gut. >> it won't end now. i just want it to be over. >> reporter: wednesday's storm knocked out power to nearly 300,000 additional homes and businesses in the new york city- new jersey metro areas. many had just gotten their lights on like joe. his family spent a week in the
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dark before getting power back yesterday. >> it was great. watching tv. get on the computer, things you used to do. >> reporter: only to have the lights go out again four hours later. >> i had a sense, we're going to lose power. i just had a feeling. >> reporter: sandy victims here in rockaway beach where there is no power are using generators to charge their phones. in areas where sandy hit the hardest, the last thing victims needed was to put recovery efforts on hold because of the latest storm. >> this set us back probably a day. i thought we would probably have everybody online by thursday or friday. this probably pushes us back to late saturday, early sunday at the latest. >> reporter: and as they rebounded from yet another storm, many victims are waiting to see what mother nature has in store for them next. in some areas, people aren't sure exactly when the power will be back. not too far from here in long island, the utility company says it hopes to restore power back by thanksgiving. in rockaway beach, queens, ines
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ferre, back to you. >> thank you. back down to the call center because lawrence is down there. we have some changes brewing our way as well, don't we? >> yeah, guys. we have some pretty good weather that's moving onshore right now. the rain is just beginning to pick up. i want to show you our high-def doppler radar. we are seeing some showers developing along the coastline and beginning to push in along the peninsula. check out san francisco right now. look at that line of storms that is now moving onshore. you can see the yellows, orange and the reds. those are heavy cells making their way into san francisco along daly city in throughout the peninsula. now, this is going to be sliding on through. occasionally we could see some thunderstorms embedded in this popping up and i wouldn't be surprised if we saw some reports of hail, too. storms continuing it looks like into the afternoon. kind of on and off. it's going to be more showers as that's where we're into the speckled clouds on the back side of this cold front. we're not done with the rain just yet. we have more on the way. it looks like not only today but into tomorrow. and maybe the first part of saturday. so yeah, things are going to be very, very wet on and off and
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those temperatures, guys, are staying very, very cool. highs only in the 50s and 60s. we'll have more on your weather coming up in just a bit, guys. back to you. >> thank you. two east palo alto women are in custody suspected of committing more than a dozen home burglaries in the bay area. a 35-year-old woman and 33-year- old melinda ladson were arrested last week in los altos. officers say they found stolen items and drugs in their car. police believe they are behind 15 residential burglaries since june in santa clara, san mateo and contra costa county. investigators are working on returning the stolen items >> we have identified and contacted a number of victims but there are still many victims so we are going to be working with law enforcement agencies to identify the victims and have them come to the police department and identify their items. >> the women face eight burglary and possession of drug
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charges each. downward trend continues on wall street today adding to yesterday's heavy losses. a live look at the big board now, not quite as bad though. only down 60 points at this hour with still about an hour to go. an upscale mall may give a big boost to the bay area economy bringing thousands of jobs to the tri-valley area. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us the grand opening of the paragon outlets in livermore. they promise deals for their customers. >> 3,2, 1, whoo! >> reporter: with the pop of champagne and blast of confetti, the city of livermore welcomed its newest economic hub. >> we have 543,000 square feet of retail that's opening up really in the middle of the worst recession in the post-war era. >> reporter: the new outlets will bring a boost to the city. it will add $1 million in new revenue and bring more than 2,000 permanent jobs plus 1500 seasonal jobs. >> there really will be more here. we have great dining, people can come out in the mornings to
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go shopping to the wineries in the afternoon and then go into our downtown for dinner. >> reporter: as soon as the shops open, so did the cash registers. shoppers wasted no time taking advantage of the outlet's opening day. and with black friday just two weeks away, shoppers are hungry for deals closer to home. >> i love to shop. and to have everything in one place and not have to -- having to go so far out of my way, it's nice. really excited finally to have an outlet mall that isn't all the way in fairfield and it's just really fun to look at all the expensive stores that aren't really around the area where we live. >> reporter: the new outlets are at 100% capacity with 130 big-name shops. >> this has been in development for a decade really, from working with the city and getting things rolling, to completion. it didn't happen overnight. >> reporter: sources say there are already talks of phase 2, which means 80 more shops could
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be added to this center. in livermore, cate caugiran, cbs 5. we have a lot more news still ahead including a special ceremony for some veterans of a u.s. coast guard. >> the coast guard and vietnam. the coast guard played a significant role in the war in vietnam. whether you remember it that way or not, we'll tell you how some veterans are being honored today. thank you for helping.. as e raise money for the americad cross and victims of hurrice sandy.. and no >> we raise money for the american red cross and victims of hurricane sandy and now victims of the nor'easter, as well. and to donate, call the number on your screen, 1-888-5-helps- u. "...we got through the first one, we can get through anything",, [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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they'll get through it.. but they could still use a litte help.. we got through the first one, we can get through anything. >> well, they will get through it but they could still use a little help. victims of hurricane sandy are struggling to stay warm in freezing temperatures. >> and we are going to give you a live look of our call center. we have a lot of folks standing by. kate kelly was answering phones and the american red cross is providing shelters, food, blankets, other necessities. and as we said, they need your help. please call at 1-888-5-helps-u. donate whatever you can to help us help them. it's been more than three decades since the vietnam war but today, some overlooked veterans are finally being
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recognized for their service. >> cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in alameda talking to some of today's very special guests. hi, anne. >> reporter: i'm here on coast guard island. you can see this huey helicopter behind me. this is something you think of when you think of the vietnam war. er in to take off but they brought it here for a special program. while you think about the vietnam war when you see something like this helicopter, when you think about the u.s. coast guard, you don't necessarily. but maybe now you will. and with the sound of a huey chopper, memories of the vietnam era came rushing back. >> i joined the coast guard at the peak of the draft call but they didn't tell you which coast you were going to guard. >> reporter: it turns out it was in the south pacific. then after his tour of duty in vietnam, roger and many of his cam rads have had a public relations issue. >> wearing this hat, i have had
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people say to me, oh, you weren't actually in vietnam? yes, i was. >> reporter: today on the coast guard island the gathering for about 100 coast guard vets. >> people don't recognize the coast guard in many ways anyway. >> reporter: bill wells wants people to know what he wents through on a boat like this one in the vietnam war. >> we were actually involved in some firings. we are fired at, you know, we shot back. and they missed us and we probably missed them several times. >> reporter: the veterans here came from all over the country to share their stories. >> this part of own personal pride first of all. then it's part of our legacy or the people that come after us need to know these things, too. it's history. >> it always gives you that feeling of being part of something really important and big. >> reporter: coast guard island they were going to keep this helicopter here a little longer but they got to get it out of here because rain is coming our way. i heard it was just in san francisco. so the weather is getting inclement for them to have the
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helicopter out and be flying it. so they are about to take it back it base now but we wanted to give you that picture and the coast guard here. they hold events like this luncheon every year honoring different veterans of different wars. live on coast guard island, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> good to see them getting the recognition. >> thank you. lawrence is downstairs in our cbs 5 call center watching the nor'easter that's hitting the east coast and tracking a storm that is heading our way, too. it's coming, isn't it? >> yes. we have rain moving in and dragged dragged in another star. allen martin showed up. you know it's big when allen is here. doesn't it make you feel good to try to do something. we may not be able to actually go to the east coast and help those folks but we have a way you can help out. >> it is. we sit here and report, we see the pictures, hear the stories, but this is how people can actually text $10 donation, whatever you can give. call the phone number 1-888-5- helps-u and it's just a way people can help out and feel
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good about it because the need is there. >> it's hard. here in the business we report about it every day. but you see how it affects people's lives, too. so to be able to do something like it here at channel 5, it makes you feel good. >> i'm impressed the phone banks are full. we have chefs here, al from the warriors, everybody chipping in. >> plenty of phone lines. call in. >> 1-888-5-helps-u. >> that's right. and we did have some weather to talk about, too. we have some rain showing up around the bay area right now, in fact system sliding in and we're starting to see those storms pop up now right along the peninsula into parts of the north bay. let's take new for a closer look on our high-def doppler radar. it's getting stormy and that's what we're expecting with this type of system, more showers on and off throughout the afternoon. it's hard to believe a couple of days go we were look at record-breaking temperatures in the 80s. still dry in parts of the east bay looking toward mount
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diablo. but it looks like we are going to see some showery weather over the next couple of days as things stay very unsettled. in fact it looks like temperatures are going to start to warm up in the latter part of the weekend. or if you want to give us a call right here at 1-888-5- helps-u. we'll have more coming up. ,, ,, ♪ [ male announcer ] it started long ago. the joy of giving something everything you've got. it takes passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon.
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the bay area and cbs doing its bit for hurricane relief. we are doing so generosity. $50,596 the new total. we have a couple of famous chef pals. right over here, chef hubert keller. i know you're busy. have you been impressed ? >> we can't stop taking notes and making credit card numbers. we have some great donations but we also have people almost apologizing because they only can give $10 but i tell them how important it is. >> every dollar helps. >> it does. >> you have a book there, chef, you have recently written hubert keller souvenirs and this book is a special book. it's your journey food your 40- year career as a chef. and you are going to donate four of these. how much would you like to donate for an autographed copy? >> it's only out 5 days so i would like at least $1,000.
12:23 pm
>> you know what, chef? i have just been told, dee is the first up, lovely lady called dee donated the first $1,000. if you can get three more donations of $1,000, that book from chef keller could be yours. call 1-888-5-helps-u. chef, are you going to give them the phone is this take that first call? >> let me get this call. >> chef hubert kehler. another famous chef gerard hugo is busy on the phone also giving out cookbooks and we would like another donation of $1,000. chef, you are busy. >> i'm busy. working the phones. >> $1,000 for your cookbooks. >> hopefully people will join us. >> we need the money. make those calls. we need to give so much more. 1-888-5-helps-u. call now. we'll be right back. our cbs 5,, ,,,,
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a live look at our cbs 5 cal center. more than $50- thousand dols we're down here at the cbs 5 call center where we have raised a lot of money thanks to so much generosity here in the bay area. >> yes. more than 52,000 and you wanted to make an announcement? >> i just received this phone call from ann.
12:27 pm
$1,000! >> wahoo! >> thank you. >> give it up for ann. all right. keep them coming. call until 7 p.m. 1-888-5-helps-u. any amount. >> we are going to be doing cutins throughout the day. you will see us again at 5:00 and at the top of the hour at 6:00. so don't forget to call and give. >> have a good one. captions by: caption colorado ,, ,,,,
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